Sharing the Gospel in song
thoughout Surrey, Sussex and London

About RBC Gospel Choir

Most of the singers in RBC Gospel Choir are from the congregation of Redhill Baptist Church. However, we do have talented people from other Denominations. We have been blessed over the last few years with a number of singers who have come from Countries where they have been involved with Gospel music.

Tim Pearson, who is an ex-professional musician, was encouraged to start the Gospel choir in 2008. Since then we have grown from 10 members to 20, along with a good repertoire of songs.

We meet every week to rehearse new songs and to go over our repertoire so that we are prepared for the next engagement. We have a great time in these sessions which are a lot of fun and we are always looking for more members to join us. Therefore if you can sing and want to share your Christian faith in song, please give Tim Pearson a call on 01737 300397